5 Ways to Improve Thinking Skills with Technology

Here at LearningWorks for Kids, we’re dedicated to helping families leverage technology in a positive way, showing them how they can use the latest apps and games not just to improve core academic skills, but build upon the eight core thinking skills that play a major role in learning — Focus, Flexibility, Organization, Planning, Self-Awareness, Self-Control, Time Management, and Working Memory.

Our app and game guides are designed to make it easy for families to put these technologies to use, with in-game goals and app activities that help parents get the most out of their kids’ screen time. Below, you’ll find five simple ways to improve thinking skills with technology, which exemplify the way digital media can have a positive impact on learning and development.

5 Ways to Improve Thinking Skills with Technology

To-Do / Reminder Apps – There are a variety of excellent apps for helping parents and kids alike with Time Management. These apps help manage tasks, set reminders and plan out schedules. See our article on the best to-do and reminder apps for our favorite picks.

Class Management Apps – Apps dedicated solely to helping students manage class workloads, deadlines and assignments can be a great way to improve academic organization and planning skills. See our guides on InClass and MyHomework for more information.

Cogmed Working Memory – Working Memory is a crucial skill for learning. This key cognitive function allows children to absorb, retain and use knowledge across a variety of academic subject. Applications like Cogmed have been shown to yield tangible improvements in this skill. See our Cogmed Working Memory Training review for details.

LiveScribe Pen – This unique piece of technology can be a great tool for children who struggle to pay attention in class, remember lessons and organize their notes. Part pen, part audio recorder, Livescribe is “smart pen” that records voice notes as you write, and can playback the audio when you hold it over your notes later on. Our Livescribe guide explains.

At-Home Learning – A great way to boost your child’s academic skills is to use web-based applications for learning at home. Many of these apps offer feedback on performance and cover a wide variety of subjects, helping kids put their Self-Awareness and Flexibility skills to work as they learn. BrainPop and BrainPop Jr. are a great place to start.

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