Best Educational Apps and Websites of 2013

Educational apps and websites have become an increasingly popular resource for parents of young children looking to boost at-home learning. Apps are available for a wide range of ages, ability levels, and subjects, making it easier than ever to gain extra practice in a academic trouble areas outside of the classroom. Parents can also use these resources to help their children stay sharp during school breaks, prepare for an upcoming test, or get a head start on upcoming subject matter. With so many apps available, it can be difficult to decide where to invest time and money. LearningWorks for Kids has compiled our recommendations for the best educational apps — both free and paid — to help keep parents informed and their kids’ learning ahead of the curve.

The following apps can help children with a range of subjects, from mathematics and reading to working memory and other thinking skills.

Our Picks for the Best Educational Apps and Websites:

BrianPop Jr.BrainPop Jr.:

BrainPop Jr. is an interactive webpage designed for children between the kindergarten and third grade level. The webpage contains a wide variety of content geared toward providing additional out of class support to young students. From instructional videos, to activities, and even games, BrainPop Jr. offers a great and enjoyable way for your child to stay ahead in the classroom, stay sharp during the summer months, or brush up before an upcoming test. Learn more in our BrainPop Jr. review.

Cogmed Working Memory TrainingCogmed Working Memory Training:

COGMED is professionally developed software aimed at improving the performance of the working memory thinking skill. Clinically proven and backed by research, the COGMED platform provides a tried and true method of helping your child to increase her working memory ability outside of the classroom. This essential thinking skill is applicable in nearly any subject and by using COGMED‘s games your child can begin to enjoy the fruits of improved working memory. Discover more in our COGMED review.

DreamBox LearningDreamBox Learning:

DreamBox Learning is a web-based resource for additional support in elementary level mathematics. The website provides a host of informative videos, practice activities, and other resources for students and teachers on a wide range of mathematic subjects. Students can select their grade to begin working on a regimen of relevant materials, earning rewards and badges along the way to encourage continued engagement with the material. Find out more in our DreamBox Learning review.

iTunes UiTunes U:

iTunes U is a library compilation of an enormous range of useful educational materials. From young children to college level classroom material, this app offers out of classroom support to nearly any individual in nearly any discipline. Users will find a host of helpful resources and information to help prepare for a test, get ready for the upcoming school year, or simply to satisfy a personal interest or curiosity. Discover more in our iTunes U review.

Khan AcademyKhan Academy:

Khan Academy is an amazingly comprehensive online educational resources with thousands of in-depth videos covering everything from calculus and physics to grammar and the Civil War. Best of all, this service is completely free, allowing users of all walks of life to study up on virtually any academic subject. Get started by heading over to the Khan Academy website, or download the supplemental app from the app store. And be sure to read our Khan Academy guide to learn tips and strategies for how best to use the service with your child.


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