Where to Find Great Free Online Games for Kids


Online flash games can be useful tools for at-home learning, and serve as great rewards for children after they have finished their homework or completed a household task. However, finding appropriate online games for kids means combing over vast websites like Kongreagate and NewGrounds, which house enormous libraries of games both good and bad. So, how do you find the games best fit for your child? Our list of free online games has you covered. Below, You’ll find options parents and children are both sure to love.

Our Favorite Free Online Games for Kids:

Add ’em Up:

AddEmUpAdd ’em Up is an online game that runs players through basic mathematical puzzles. Players are shown a numbered grid, and are given a number tile which they must place somewhere on the grid, so that all surrounding tiles add up to the value. The game comes with an interactive tutorial, making it an easy game for kids to grasp.




Drop is an online typing game with a twist. Letters drop into the screen, swirling around the center until they “go down the drain.” Players must detect and decode words as letters enter the screen, typing them out before they disappear. As players progress, letters begin to travel faster, making it harder to figure out words and type out their letters before its too late.


Cargo Bridge:


Cargo Bridge is an engineering game in which players construct bridges using limited material and supplies. The goal is to create bridges strong enough to bear the loads of the workers, who must transport goods across the level. Players get to work out their problem solving skills, while engaging in some light math as they figure out how to best spend their limited funds on material.


Whizz Words:

WhizzWordzIn Whizz Wordz, players are put under a two-minute time limit, in which they must spell as many words as possible using a finite amount of letters. Bonus points are awarded if the words created fall into one of the selected categories for the round (such as “5-letter words”), making strategic Planning and good Time Management skills equally important for success.


Adventure Factory:

Adventure-FactoryAdventure Factory lets players create their very own game, constructing it out of various objects and scenery, then adding characters, enemies and objectives. The game includes a handy tutorial, and there is a help section to offer further guidance as needed. Best of all, completed levels can be shared with the community, so players get to try out each others’ creations.


Portal Flash:

Portal FlashIn this unofficial version of the widely popular Portal franchise, players take on 2D versions of classic Portal-style puzzles. For those unfamiliar to the game, a portal gun is given to players, who can use it to move themselves and objects between distance areas. The ultimate goal is to escape the lab, requiring players must think creatively as they use portals in unique ways to manipulate the environment, avoid turrets and navigate terrain.


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