Our 5 Favorite Creative Games for Kids

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Nurturing creativity in kids is a no-brainer. Research suggests creative activities can reduce stress and anxiety levels in children, promote positive emotions and a good self-image, and can help kids express themselves and develop good Self-Awareness skills.

Games in particular offer unique ways for children to tap into their creative spirit, offering fun, interactive ways to get kids exercising their creative muscles. There are many great creative games for kids, so why not get started by checking out the suggestions listed below. If you’ve got your own creative game to suggest, be sure to share it with us in the comment field at the bottom of the page.

Our Favorite Creative Games for Kids:

Little Big PlanetLittleBigPlanet

The LittleBigPlanet game series offers family-friendly content that empowers players with the tools needed to create their very own adventures. Players can team up to tackle the game’s main quests, earning materials which then can be used by players to create their very own levels. Players can customize their characters appearances, and upload level creations online, allowing players to test and rate each others creations.

Gamestar-MechanicGameStar Mechanic

Gamestar Mechanic is a web-based game which teaches basic game design techniques through gameplay. Users follow take on “quests,” and play mini-games designed to teach a particular concept or lesson. As players complete quests, they are rewarded with new game design elements, such as blocks for constructing levels, items, and characters.


Scribblenauts-RemixScribblenauts Remix

Scribblenauts Remix is a word-based logic game where players solve environmental puzzles by summoning words into the game. Players simply spell out a word, and it appears, giving them free reign over how to approach any given problem. There are literally hundreds of ways to approach any given obstacles, making the game a great tool for encouraging creative problem solving and getting players to discover uncommon solutions to in-game challenges.


Minecraft is a widely-popular, open-world crafting game where players must explore, mine and craft their own way through a virtual world. Players are placed in a borderless, randomly-generated land with no supplies, directions, or objective. It is up to them to decide what to do and how to do it. This open-ended approach to gameplay means players will be collecting materials from the world around them in order to ‘craft’ items and build whatever their mind can imagine.

TheBlockheadsThe BlockHeads

The Blockheads is a sandbox-style adventure similar to Minecraft in many respects, but which offers a free alternative for family and friends looking to collaborate together on a digital world. Players can work together to set and achieve their own objectives as they learn to make fires, build shelter, and tailor clothing to shield them from the elements. From there, they can build up their camp, or venture forth to forge more settlements further out into the wilderness. A great game for families looking to play creatively together.

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