LW4K Picks: Best Free Math Games for Android

For parents looking to boost their children’s at-home learning, math games offer a fun and interactive way to compliment classroom material. The immediate feedback games provide, along with their engaging nature, makes them ideal tools for getting reluctant learners motivated to tackle various areas of math. Best of all, many of them are free!

Below, you’ll find our top 5 picks for free math games for Android devices. The selections below cover a range of material, from helping kids improve math fluency through rapid calculations, to learning basic geometry and spacial awareness skills, and incorporating light math mechanics into fun and immersive gameplay, the games below provide parents with excellent free tools to support their children’s learning at home.

The Top 5 Free Math Games for Android:

Slice It

Slice It!:

Slice It! was designed specifically with a younger audience in mind. While the game’s focus is not with numerals, it still on of the better math games for Android because it’s heavy reliance of more geometrical and spacial math skills. Children will begin to understand how shapes can be manipulated, as Slice It! prompts them to slice a geometrical figure into a certain amount of pieces, using only a certain number of swipes. Because children must demonstrate strong skills in logic and spacial awareness to complete the more difficult levels, they are practicing foundational math skills, while learning about the nature of shapes, which ultimately will prepare them for more rigorous geometry classes. Learn more about Slice It! in our review.

Sushi Monster


As on of the premier multiplication and subtraction centered games, Sushi Monster, explores the subjects in a way that is equally informative and entertaining. Plates of sushi must be served to a monster in order to keep him appeased. On the plates however, are a series of products of differences.  By combining numbers at the top of the games screen, children are expected to solve for the sum or product on each sushi plate. If the monster is fed an a dish with an incorrect solution, children will be forced to start the level over. There is also a game timer, so children have an incentive to work quickly, as they will be rewarded with a higher score. Read more about Sushi Monster in our review.

Math Vs. Zombies


There’s no better incentive to practice math, than to use it to save the world. Children must turn zombies back into humans by solving a series of math problems. Each time children answer a question correctly, a zombie is “zapped,” turning the monster back into a kid. They must be careful though, because when children provide the wrong answers, they will start to lose the zapper’s power as well as their health. Since there are three different levels of difficulty,, Math vs. Zombies  can be used to help a wide age range of children become more adept multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction problem solvers, and will learn to work under pressure.



Kingdom Rush is tower-defense strategy game that requires players to earn and spend money wisely to achieve success. Because players must constantly build and upgrade their towers in order to ward off increasingly strong enemies, dividing up funds strategically is key to victory. In order to build and upgrade fortresses and units, players need to budget funds and spend what little currency they get at the start of each game wisely. Gameplay strategies should take into account the small budget, and it is a good idea to save currency until a few waves of enemy attacks have passed. Players will soon develop a sense of where to put their next unit — putting their money to better use. Budgeting wisely is crucial to success in Kingdom Rush and children will learn monetary conservation strategies that directly deal with mathematical concepts like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Tiny Tower


Like Kingdom RushTiny Tower is a game where math concepts might not be immediately apparent, but nevertheless play a big role in gameplay. Budgeting game currency is crucial to maintaining a tower. A profitable and successful tower means allocating the right funds to the right places at strategic times. While thinking skills like Planning and Organization are work in conjunction with mathematics, because the goal is for children’s towers to make money. Calculating profit, income, and expenditures makes it easier for children to maximize their tower’s ability to generate capital. Showing restraint with money is an important character trait — a trait that uses logic from basic math principles. It’s also a really engaging math game for Android. Find out more about Tiny Tower in our game review.


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