Technology and Education: Make Your Life Easier

Universal fact: Nobody likes doing chores or homework.

There are lots of things that kids  are asked to do that they simply don’t enjoy. But sometimes, technology and education  can make completing these tasks easier, and actually more fun.

Think about this — woud you rather drive a lawn tractor around to cut the grass, or push an old-style lawnmower? Chances are, you’d pick the tractor. How about doing laundry with a wash board or machine? It’s a no brainer.

But technology comes in all shapes and forms nowadays. Just look at the slew of mobile devices and apps out there today. Just like older technology, the right apps can make life’s daily tasks easier, and even more enjoyable. Here are a few ideas on how:

  1. Kids Using iPadTalk to yourself. Using a cellphone with a voice recorder or a similar iPod app can help kids to remind themselves of homework assignments or ideas they might have for upcoming papers or projects.
  2. Become an expert at typing. Kids who hate writing assignments will find that if they become great at using a keyboard, it makes it easier for them to get their ideas down, re-organize them, complete their work.
  3. Create a visual presentation. Use interactive media to create and relay their message. Web-based apps like Animoto or Glogster can help make creating a presentation more engaging and fun. in your project creation.
  4. Use speech recognition software. Brainstorming ideas and creating rough drafts of writing is easy with apps like Dragon Dictation, Vlingo, or Siri . Kids can turn the process of writing down ideas into a task as easy as talking.

Have any more good ideas on how apps and technology can help make life easier? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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