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Give your child the skills they need to reach their full potential.

Executive Functioning Skills are the key to success in school and beyond. Our live, online, small-group workshops will help your child train these skills for a lifetime of learning!

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How it Works

LearningWorks Live is an online executive function training program consisting of small-group workshops and game-based training sessions. Through this program, kids will work in small groups with our expert Educators and Technology Specialists to build and improve executive functions.

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Overcome learning challenges... while having fun!

The Power of Technology

In all of our workshops, kids will learn about the most fun, useful, and educational games and apps. 

Engaging Instructors

Our dedicated, experienced instructors always make sure that every sessions is just as enjoyable as it is educational. 

See the Difference at School

We design each of our Workshops to give your child easy-to-use tools and strategies that they can put to work at school today!

Video-Conference and Game-Based Sessions

Our video-conference based sessions focus on brain-training with educational games and apps, and cover a variety of issues, ranging from improving focus and organization skills to learning strategies for coping with ADHD.

In our game-based sessions, kids will meet with our Gamer Guides inside private servers on games like Minecraft, where they will be given fun and challenging activities to build and improve executive functions.