Scribblenauts Remix – App Review

Scribblenauts Remix is a two-dimensional puzzle game which has players solving puzzles by “summoning” a variety of objects, people, or animals into the game environment, simply by writing out the […]

Bad Piggies – App Review

Bad Piggies is a unique puzzle game from the makers of the hit game Angry Birds, that has players building contraptions that must carry the “piggies” to their destination.

Go Go Games – App Review

Go Go Games is an iPad app specifically aimed at helping young children — particularly those with autistic spectrum disorders — learn basic visual differential skills in a fun, colorful […]

Word Dynamo – App Review

Available in both free browser-based and paid app versions, Word Dynamo offers a host of tools to help users expand their vocabulary, learn literary terms, practice grammar, or prep for […]

Lift – App Review

Lift is an app designed to help users start and maintain positive habits, and offers an integrated calendar to ensure positive routines can be fit into any schedule.

IF… iPad Game Review

“IF…” is a fantasy adventure game that aims to teach children social and emotional learning through interactive dialogue and gameplay.

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