AIM (AOL Instant Messanger) is a chatting service that helps with Self-Awareness, Self-Control and Writing, and can be useful for children with ASD. is an online resource for learning various aspects of mathematics, and features quizzes and other supplemental material to reinforce learning.


Bookr is an online resource for creating digital photo books that can be shared with friends and family. Bookr works hand in hand with Flickr, an online photo storage site, where users to select photos to be included in their photo book.


WikiTravel is an online resource that offers user contributed travel guides for locations around the world. Users can also upload their own guides, or edit existing ones.


Wikipedia is an online community encyclopedia where users can learn from or contribute to informational resources on just about any topic imaginable.


Scratch is a suite of interactive media creation tools designed by MIT’s Lifelong Kindergarten Group. Consisting primarily of an easy-to-use coding language and a user-friendly drag and drop interface, Scratch lets kids create their own animations, stories, programs, and even games. is a great website and app for listening to a variety of online radio stations, or for creating your own unique playlist and sharing music with others.

Grammar Girl

Grammar Girl is a reference website for writers, that provides guides and models for using grammar correctly in all situations.

Club Penguin

Club Penguin is an online social community geared towards young children which can help practice Self-Awareness and Self-Control.


Blio is an online e-reader and e-library that is available both on the web, and in an app version.

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