Daily Art


Daily Art is an app that introduces users to one new work of art each day. The user can set reminders to check the app by enabling push notifications […]

Endless Learner


Endless Learning is an app to help your child learn preschool to elementary school-level topics using the touch screen interface on your device. The app asks for the age […]

Crayola Colorful Creatures


Crayola Colorful Creatures is an app for preschool aged children where they can explore colors, animals, and play fun games to help them learn focusing skills. When the app […]

Papumba First Words For Baby


First Words for Baby is an app that is designed by Papumba to help your young child take their first steps into learning their ABC’s. Children can choose from […]

Scribble Together


Scribble Together is a whiteboard app that allows the user to sketch out their thoughts, take notes over photos and documents, and collaborate in real-time with other users of […]

Toca Hair Salon 4

Toca Hair Salon 4 is an app where children can select a character from a range of options and pretend to cut and style their hair. The user selects […]



HOMER is an early-learning app that tailors reading, writing, math, and creativity activities to your child’s individual interests. After purchasing the app, you can set up accounts for each […]



Poesie is an app where the user can access a new poem each day. The poems range in age, complexity, and topic so each day is a new way […]

Highlights Shapes


Highlights Shapes is an educational app for young children who are just starting to learn about different shapes and colors. The app uses fun games to teach children about […]



Duo ABC is an ap from the makers of Duolingo that is specifically geared towards helping young children learn their ABC’s. The app asks the parent to select their […]

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