LearningWorks for Kids: Beta

Welcome to the new LearningWorks for Kids!

In beta, our new site has been rebuilt from the ground up to provide today’s parents with everything they need to turn kids’ digital playtime into powerful opportunities for learning and growth.

Check out our About Us and LWK Science pages to find out more about how we can help your family navigate and benefit from an increasingly complex and exciting digital world. And don’t forget to visit LWK Labs and sign up for the LWK Newsletter to stay informed about our latest research, educational projects, and upcoming developments.

New Features

Games and Apps: Complete guides to all of your children’s favorite video games and technologies. A selection of PlayBooks and Apps+ Guides are free to read, use, and share during the LWK beta.

Academic Skills and Thinking Skills: Learn all about the different types of academic and thinking skills, as well as how  video games and other digital media can help to improve your child’s performance at school and at home.

Alternative Learners: Alternative Learners are kids who struggle with everything from minor organizational problems to diagnosed issues such as learning difficulties, ADHD, and autistic spectrum issues. Learn about the different types of Alternative Learners and how to use digital media to address these children’s unique learning needs.

Science of Play: Learn about the scientific reasons and research behind how all play, digital play in particular, is an invaluable and essential component of healthy development for 21st Century kids.

Play Diet: While video games and gadgets provide great opportunities for healthy play time, no child should be limited to digital play alone. Learn how to incorporate digital play into a healthy, balanced play diet that includes creative play, social play, active play, and free play in addition to digital play.

Parenting in a Digital World: The LWK blog provides extensive articles and posts with advice for today’s parents about how to understand, manage, and make the most out of an often confusing digital media landscape.

Kids Zone: A place for kids to learn about thinking skills, and how video games can help them improve at school and at home.

Coming Soon

Interactive Assessments Thinking Skills and Academic Skills

Personalized Recommendations and Digital Play Strategies

Individualized member profiles for you and your child.