Reach Across the Stars

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Brain grade: 7.8
Fun score: 9.1

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Reach Across the Stars is an app created in conjunction with the Smithsonian Because of Her Story initiative that focuses on contributions to the world of science by women. The app uses the phone’s AR to project a constellation of women onto your screen–as you move the phone around, you see the various women the app mentions who have made significant contributions to science over the course of history. There is also a list option for those who want to see all the women featured at a quick glance.

Some women have a biography that, when clicked on, can be scrolled through as it is read out loud. Others have short video clips where the user can learn about pulsars, the new mission to Mars, and many other current contributions to science by women. There is also an “Ask a Scientist” button for some of the constellations where the user can submit a question to an actual scientist. 

Reach Across the Stars is a free app that is currently available on Android and iOS. 

Reach Across the Stars helps kids practice and improve the following skills:

Flexibility: Trying something new. 

Users can practice their flexibility skills by trying something new and learning about female scientists who have made significant contributions to science. The app features over 24 women from around the world in fields ranging from computer programming to astronomy to geology. For users who do not have much knowledge of women in science, this app is a perfect way to try something new and learn about their past and current contributions. 

For older children using the app or website, trying something new can also mean looking at potential careers in science and technology. The website features downloadable career templates and the app features a selfie section where the child can put their own picture in a frame with the career listed. The user can see a wide variety of jobs and try to learn about a potential career in science.  

Organization: Organizing one’s ideas. 

When writing an email or asking a question, organizing your thoughts is important. There are several scientists on the Reach Across the Stars app who have an option where the users can send them a question. For users who need to practice organizing their thoughts, this app would allow them to practice crafting a short question that contains relevant information and gets their point across. Because the app does not allow for a full interview or a long email, users can ask smaller questions and practice their organization skills at the same time. 

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