LQ: 8.2


Brain grade: 8.8
Fun score: 7.6

Platform/Console: , , , LWK Recommended Age: 6+ Thinking Skills Used: , Academic Skills Used:

Popplet is a simple and easy-to-use brainstorming app that helps users develop stronger organizational, memory, and writing skills. It’s a place to organize ideas on the iPad, iPhone or web, and serves both students and professionals equally well. Like Idea Sketch and Inspiration Maps, two mind-mapping apps we’ve covered in the past, Popplet works using a series of squares linked together by an arrow aptly called the “linker.” Users have a couple of options when determining how to fill each square with content. They can use a draw tool to circle or underline important ideas or a color tool to group together related content. Users can also upload images and caption them with the text tool. If users plan to incorporate the app into their daily lives, it’s probably best that they purchase the full version for $4.99, as the Popplet lite version only allows users to create one popplet. Because it’s so easy to use, we recommend Popplet to kids 6 and up.



downloadPopplet exercises the organization thinking skill in a number of ways. The first is through color scheme. We advise that similar or related content should be given popple squares of the same color. Second, for more complex ideas, include visuals. Upload a picture, graph, chart, or cartoon directly from your mobile device for additional clarification. Consider resizing slides relative to their importance. It’s also important that users employ the draw tool to circle or underline significant words and phrases. Last is the “linker,” the line or arrow that connects one or more popple squares. With these tools, users should have no problem creating an organized Popplet to study.

Working Memory

Popplet helps users consolidate information in an organized manner. It’s also a great study tool. When users create a popple, they are effectively summarizing content, taking notes, and studying all at the same time. If users need to remember a more multifaceted topic, we’d encourage them to use Popplet as one method of study. Writing ideas down helps users remember them. And linking them together does too.


PoppletScreenshotLearning how to write concise, but effective sentences is a skill that should learn. Communicating effectively requires an understanding of this principle. As users transfer ideas onto the small square popples, they are getting a good lesson in concise writing. The fewer words on a square, the easier it is to understand and draw comparisons. But too few words will not prove beneficial to the study process. Users need to find a good balance between text, images, and blank space. Doing so will not only create a great Popplet set, but will help them learn an important writing technique: brevity.

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