Heckerty Cook

Heckerty Cook,  a culinary adaptation of the humorously engaging reading app, Meet Heckerty. Heckerty remains a good natured, tough-luck witch who lives with her cat, Zanzibar. Heckerty’s colorful narratives coupled with simple, […]

My Backpack

My Backpack is an educational suite from Waterford, a non profit research center. The app features e-books, math games, sing-a-longs, and nursery rhymes, although My Backpack’s primary feature is its assortment […]

Do Video Games Change the Brain?

Parents frequently express concerns about the ways video games impact their children’s thinking and behavior. They often wonder if video games change the brains of their kids. Many studies suggest […]

Word Magic

Word Magic is an early level reading game designed for iOS where players are given a word with a missing letter.

First Then Visual Schedule

First Then Visual Schedule is an image-based organizational app that breaks down common household activities and daily routines into simple step-by-step processes. The app lets users snap photos using their […]

StoryBook Reading

Storybook Reader is an innovative reading app that lets parents and loved ones record themselves reading stories aloud, allowing kids can follow along as they read.

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