LW4K Game Spotlights: Little Nightmares

Welcome to Learning Works for Kids Game Spotlights. This video series is designed to introduce you to a game and talk about the different ways that you can practice your executive functioning skills while playing! Today’s video will focus on the spooky platforming game Little Nightmares. For your convenience, the transcript of the spotlight is listed below. 



Hey everyone, welcome to LearningWorks for Kids Game Spotlights! This is a new series where we will be walking through some of your favorite games and talking about how playing them can help you get better at real-world skills! 

Grab your yellow raincoat, your raw meat, and your weird silent friend and get ready to delve into the world of Little Nightmares! This horror puzzle platformer is a great game to play when you don’t mind not sleeping for the next few days. The eerie soundtrack and the disturbing visuals make this game as intense as it is entertaining. 

You play the game as Six, a young girl in a yellow raincoat as brightly colored as the rest of the setting is bleak. Six must navigate through the foreboding boat The Maw that features bosses who are truly terrifying. I’m looking at you creepy chef twins… She is able to drag certain objects around such as keys, rubber balls, and rusty cages which can all be used for solving puzzles. 

Because this is also a platformer, stealth is a huge part of this game. If you step out of the shadows and into the light, you are toast. Or whatever food these people eat…Focusing on your target and planning your moves out a few steps ahead will help you and Six make it through the game without turning into nightmare fuel yourselves. 

If you feel too well-rested and want something to keep you awake at night, Little Nightmares is just the game for you. 

Well, that’s all the time we have for today but be sure to join us for the next Game Spotlight at learningworksforkids.com!

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