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In this new series, we are introducing our audience to the Learningworks Live team! Each post will introduce you to a new member of our team and provide you with some insight into their teaching style, the classes they offer, and their passion for education and video gaming. For more information on our complete course listings, please visit us at our Outschool page. And to see some of our videographers’ amazing work, head over to our Let’s Play channel here


This Month’s Featured Staff Member: Alexa Tedeschi (Videographer)

Tell us about your experience as a teacher. 

I have taught virtual summer camps and interacted with children of multiple ages. I also have younger cousins and produce a children’s show.

When did you start playing video games? 

I started playing video games when I was around five or six and enjoyed playing simple computer games, like Cinderella’s Castle Designer.

What types of games do you enjoy the most and which do you find the most challenging? 

I really enjoy horror games. My favorite is the Bioshock series and I can play it on Xbox or PC. I find games like Guitar Hero hard because there is a lot of hand eye coordination. 

What have you learned by playing video games? 

I have learned a lot about patience and using critical thinking skills to look for solutions to problems. I was [also] a big fan of the Zoo Tycoon games, so I actually learned a lot about animals, which helped me later in my biology classes. Bioshock also got me interested in history, so that helped me for future classes [as well]. I [also] learned a lot about self-control and communication. I played games like Mario Party and Mario Kart with my family and friends, so I learned how to better communicate and express my feelings.

Why do you think students love playing video games today? 

I think video games can be a great escape from stressors and allow some time for students to relax and have fun. Right now, they have provided a great way to socially connect with friends and family.

How do you think students choose games based on their age?

I believe that influencers (YouTubers, streamers, etc) and friends have a big impact on how children choose games. They typically follow trends of what’s popular on social platforms and in their age group. I find that complex thinking games are popular with students, like Among Us and Minecraft.

What concerns, if any, do you have about students playing video games?

While video games are great, students nowadays have a difficult time properly managing outdoor playtime and screen time. I think too much screen time can affect students in a negative way, because they can become addicted to their screen and avoid non-screen activities. While I don’t think games are solely at fault, if screen time isn’t managed by an adult, I believe it can lead to isolation from peers. I think it is important to set up a proper play diet for children.


Do you have any questions for our Learningworks staff? Leave them in the comments below! 


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