LW4K Game Spotlight: Brawlhalla

This is the next video in a new Learningworks for Kids series, Game Spotlight! In each video, we are highlighting some great games both old and new and defining the key executive functions that can be strengthened through play. This video will focus on Brawlhalla. Click here to watch the video and learn more. The transcript is also provided below for your convenience. A special thanks to our videographer J.R. for his work on this awesome video!


Hey everyone, welcome to Learningworks for Kids Game Spotlights! This is a new series where we will be walking through some of your favorite games and talking about how playing them can help you get better at real-world skills! 

Today we are going to be talking about Super Smash Bros comic book cousin Brawlhalla! This game was released awhile ago but with the Kung Fu Panda crossover being announced last month, this is the perfect time to revisit this exciting fighting game. 

Brawlhalla name says it all; it’s a 2D multiplayer platform fighting game set in Valhalla. The game features characters inspired by various mythologies as well as monster lore. There are over 40 characters to choose from, including characters from popular shows and games such as Kung Fu Panda’s Po and Rayman. Each character has their own unique story, abilities, and weapons so players can really practice flexibility by trying a new character each time they play. 

The game has tons of different ways to play such as cooperative, arcade, and two player modes. Players need to access their working memory to remember all of the button combinations and avoid taking too much damage. As you accumulate damage, you become weaker and easier to knock off the platform, so you also need to move quickly to make sure that you are the last ninja, alien, or giant shark standing! 

Well, that’s all the time we have for today but be sure to join us for the next Game Spotlight at learningworksforkids.com! 


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