Help Your Child Learn With Minecraft and Roblox!

Our team at LearningWorks for Kids is proud to announce our new game-based, self-guided classes specially designed to help children improve executive functioning skills such as organization, time management, planning, flexibility, self-awareness, and focus. If your child enjoys playing Minecraft, Roblox or Animal Crossing, they will love these self-guided classes! We have seen online platforms like Zoom and Bluejeans become our new classrooms, and breakout rooms and GoogleDocs become the locations of peer communication and problem-solving, so why can’t Minecraft servers, Roblox worlds, and Among Us spaceships do the same?

We are offering our self-guided classes completely free of charge to the readers of our LearningWorks for Kids blog because we need your feedback. All we ask is that you complete a very short survey after your children have completed the classes.  These surveys will allow us to make our self-guided classes the best that they can be by incorporating feedback such as how easily your children were able to complete our classes, how much fun they had, and what they learned. 

These classes consist of a series of short videos, using pre-recorded footage from popular video games, in which our LearningWorks for Kids teachers direct your child to complete specific projects within the game. Sticking to our philosophy of 80% fun and 20% learning, these video games provide more tangible and fun pathways to building cognitive skills and improving executive functions by giving children the opportunity to take on different roles, be creative, and solve complex problems. These classes are unique, because our videos and class projects teach children how to identify a specific skill used in the game and then make the connection to how they might apply this same skill in the real world. Each class also specifically identifies some examples of when these skills can be used in the child’s family, school, and community life.  

If you want to learn more about our program before signing up for our free, game-based executive functioning classes watch this video.

Click here sign up right now, with absolutely no obligations or credit card required and help your child take their favorite games and turn them into real-world skills! 


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