Three Apps to Create Fun Family Scavenger Hunts

Warm weather is here and summer vacation is just around the corner! Parents who have already spent this year in close proximity with their children might be looking forward to ways to get their kids out the door and exploring the world while still maintaining social distance. Scavenger Hunts are a perfect solution to this conundrum; they will keep children busy, get them outside, and also practice critical executive functioning skills. 

Scavenger hunts can help reinforce time management, focus, and organization skills while encouraging children to get some physical activity. Hunts with time limits can also teach children to prioritize, work together, and delegate when necessary. If you are looking for an activity for the whole family this summer, take a look at our three apps to create the perfect summer scavenger hunt! 

Scavenger Hunts for Young Beginners: Treasure Hunt-Scavenger Hunt 

This app does not require much in the way of set-up because the hunts are already predetermined. The player chooses from a variety of topics such as nature, soft things, home, etc. When they have chosen their topic, a “treasure map” will open on the screen and the player will be directed to find the first object. When it is located, the player takes a picture of the item and moves onto the next object. Items are skippable, so if the player is having trouble locating the item, they can move onto the next one without stopping. Once they reach the end of the hunt, if they have located all of the objects, the player will receive a piece of pirate “treasure.” 

Treasure Hunt-Scavenger Hunt does not have a timer or time limit, so this is the perfect app to introduce very small children to how scavenger hunts work while still enforcing skills like prioritizing, collaborating, and organization.

Treasure Hunt-Scavenger Hunt is a free app available on iOS. 

Family/Team Friendly Scavenger Hunts: Goose Chase 

If you want to create a more detailed scavenger hunt for you and your family, Goose Chase is the perfect app. The creator simply logs onto the Goose Chase website, creates the hunt and then sets a start and end time. The creator can choose how the responses are submitted as well, meaning that the hunters can submit video, photo, or text-based responses. This allows for greater variety and can also add some reading and writing practice into your family’s hunt. The creator of the scavenger hunt can create their own items to be found or choose from a wide database of pre-made options, meaning that families who don’t have a lot of extra time on their hands can still create a fun scavenger hunt that feels unique to them. 

Goose Chase is free to download and use but certain features require purchases. It is available on Android and iOS. To create the scavenger hunts, the user will also need access to a computer with wifi access. 

For the Family Who Wants To Scavenger Hunt All Summer Long: Let’s Roam!

If you and your family love to participate in scavenger hunts already and are looking for an app that has you covered no matter what the situation, Let’s Roam is perfect for you. This app has scavenger hunts for in-home activities, birthday parties, graduation ceremonies, educational games, etc. If traveling is in your summer plans, there are also a ton of city-based scavenger hunts that are tailored to that specific location. Heading to Massachusetts? Try the History of Boston scavenger hunt. Visiting Grandma in Tampa? Try the Blue Bay and Green Spaces hunt. 

The Let’s Roam app requires the most monetary investment, so it is best suited for families who know that they will be using it often. It is available for Android and iOS with a subscription. 

What kind of scavenger hunt would you set up for your family? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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