Four Family-Friendly Podcasts About Gaming

Summer is almost upon us and for many people this means that a family vacation is on the horizon. And while there are still precautions that need to be taken due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 2021 may be the year of the classic American Road Trip. If you are planning on embarking on a car-based trip with your kids, consider the following podcasts that are exclusively about gaming. It will give your kids something to do and allow for conversation about their topics of interest. Each podcast is approximately 30-60 minutes long so pick a few interesting ones, download them, and get ready to hit the road! 

Dungeons and Dragons and Daughters

For families who love to be creative, Dungeons and Dragons is a great way to get into character and explore a completely different world. Getting a game going in a Honda CRV can be a bit difficult, so why not load up a few episodes of the charming podcast Dungeons and Dragons and Daughters. The host of the podcast, a father of two girls, started this podcast when his children were eight years old. The podcast is still running so as you listen to their adventures, you hear his children growing up and getting better at the game, making decisions, and creatively exploring their characters. 

Recommended Episode: DDD In the Beginning: This is the second episode in the series and a good entry point. Because the story has a linear progression, it is harder to jump around but starting at the second episode will allow you to skip past a lot of set-up and get into the story faster. 

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Nintendo Power Podcast 

For the family who owns one or multiple Switches, the Nintendo Power Podcast is an absolute no-brainer. Each episode tackles a different Nintendo theme but the hosts also discuss great indie games that are released for the Switch. The tone is light and the pace allows for pausing and talking about the games or adding to the discussion with your kids. It can also give you ideas for some new games to try out when you are back home, sunburned, and looking for a little downtime. 

Recommended Episode: 37: Pokemon 25th Anniversary Special: This episode celebrates all things Pokemon and talks about Pokemon Snap, the new game coming soon to the Switch. 

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Good Game Spawn Point 

Good Game Spawn Point is an Australian podcast that exclusively covers games that are appropriate for younger children. The podcast also has a video component which your child could watch as the audio plays for everyone to hear. The podcast covers popular games and features kid-friendly characters like a robot named Darren. The podcast is approximately 15 minutes per episode, meaning you can binge listen to several episodes or listen to one or two while sitting in a traffic jam. 

Recommended Episode: March 12: How Not to Be Sus in Among Us and Main Assembly: This episode covers the extremely popular game Among Us and offers the listener some tips on how not to appear suspicious if you are playing as the Imposter. 

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The Family Gamers 

For families who love board gaming, The Family Gamers podcast has you covered. This podcast mostly reviews board and card games for younger people but occasionally delves into video games. The hosts are a husband and wife and they have a good dynamic so it is a nice easy listen that will introduce you to new games you might not have heard of. So if you are looking for non-screen game ideas, download a few of these episodes and get ready to expand your family’s gaming library. 

Recommended Episode: 232: Most Anticipated 2021: This episode features games that have just arrived in 2021 or are soon to be released, so it will be a nice way to introduce yourself to the podcast as well as some new titles and expansions coming out this year. 

What are some of your favorite gaming podcasts? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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