LW4K Game Spotlight: Valkyria Chronicles 4

This is the next video in a new LearningWorks for Kids series, Game Spotlight! In each video, we are highlighting some great games both old and new and defining the key executive functions that can be strengthened through play. This video will focus on Valkyria Chronicles 4. Click below to watch the video and learn more. The transcript is also provided below for your convenience. A special thanks to our videographer J.R.  for his work on this awesome video!



Hey everyone, welcome to LearningWorks for Kids Game Spotlights! This is a new series where we will be walking through some of your favorite games and talking about how playing them can help you get better at real-world skills! If you want to know more about how to take your gameplay to the next level, visit learningworksforkids.com and learn more about how video games can be a part of a balanced play diet. 

Today we are going to be talking about the Action Strategy RPG Valkyria Chronicles 4. This game is set in an alternate reality during World War II, and heavily features tactical combat and strategic planning in order to move through its many battlefields. It is 1935 EC and the continent of Europa is split between two factions: the Empire and the Federation. You control a squad of young heroes who need to work together to win battles and turn the tide of the war. 

Players will need to use their flexibility skills in this game because fighting is a mixture of real-time and turn-based combat. Being able to switch between these two types of battle styles is essential for progressing in the game. 

Planning is also an essential skill in this game because you are controlling multiple battles at once and need to think several steps in advance in order to have a successful strategy. The player needs to be able to see the events occurring on the battlefield and anticipate what their next few moves will be and what the outcome of those moves will look like. 

And finally, this game allows players to tap into their self-awareness skills. Because Valkyria Chronicles is essentially a war story, there are common themes of love, loss, and the bond between soldiers on the battlefield. All of the characters in your squad are named and have their own rich backstories, some of which can only be accessed by spending enough time with that character. The player can quickly become attached to all the members of their squad and empathize with them as they experience the harsh realities of war. 

Who is your favorite character from Valkyria Chronicles 4? What other strategy games or RPGs are your favorites? Let us know in the comments below! And if you enjoyed this video, be sure to hit that Subscribe button to see new reviews and playthroughs every week. Well, that’s all the time we have for today but be sure to join us for the next Game Spotlight at learningworksforkids.com! 


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