Five Strengths of Kids with ADHD: What Does the Future Hold?

Are you frustrated by your child’s inattention to schoolwork and chores? Do you need to remind him to focus on his schoolwork, rather than an online video game? Parents of kids with ADHD often expend so much of their energy getting their kids to follow rules, do their homework, and behave like everyone else, they often overlook their strengths. However, many kids with ADHD have some hidden strengths that will serve them well in the 21st century. Futurists expect that jobs in the future will be less mundane and repetitive. These jobs will be filled by robots and artificial intelligence. The jobs of the future will require creativity, energy, and a willingness to try different solutions-traits of many kids with ADHD. When you help your child find the right fit in his education, interests, and activities, he does much better.  Here are 5 strengths of kids with ADHD and how you can help him use them in the 21st century: 

  • Moving Faster. The world is moving faster and your child with ADHD knows how to move fast. Help your child to who moves fast to get engaged in activities that are fast-paced. As a child start with sports but consider action video games which can improve selective attention and hands-on activities that require fast movement.
  • An affinity for technology. One of the biggest complaints of parents of kids with ADHD is that are too focused on their screens. As many parents realize, kids with ADHD don’t have a problem paying attention, it is a problem with paying attention to activities that are not interesting. Fortunately, many of the jobs in the future will depend upon knowledge and facility with technology, something that many kids with ADHD are well- equipped for.
  • Creativity and thinking outside the box. Many kids with ADHD are paying attention but to something different from their peers or what their parents and teachers want them to attend. Did you know that adults with ADHD tend to have higher rates of becoming successful entrepreneurs compared to the “normal” population? Creativity will be more valued in the future. Teaching a child 21st-century skills that involve creativity are likely to be very useful. Many kids with ADHD are naturally creative.
  • The capacity to take risks. Some kids with ADHD take too many risks. However, a willingness to try new things, to work out new solutions, and to experiment will all be crucial to 21st-century learning and vocations.
  • Talking, socializing, and collaborating. These are some of the crucial skills for 21st-century work and life. Most kids with ADHD are natural talkers and interested in socializing. (While there are some kids with ADHD who are moving too fast to pick up on social cues, many others are described as the “Mayor” of their class). If you have one of the mayors help them to use this skill to build social relationships and to collaborate with others.


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