The Best Careers for People With ADHD

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Parents of children with ADHD often worry about what their kids will do as adults, questioning whether they will be able to find suitable work and wondering about the best careers for people with ADHD. Many parents are concerned that their kids will not be able to find a sustainable career or may struggle to find work that they will enjoy and that engages their effort and attention. While in part this apprehension comes from difficulties that many kids with ADHD experience in school, it also derives from the tendency of children with ADHD to have a limited set of interests in which they are fully engaged and pursue excellence. However, there are many careers for kids with ADHD.

In considering what the best careers for people with ADHD would be, first observe the child’s current interests. Before you ask yourself how many careers there are for kids who want play video games nonstop, run around or play sports, or build with Legos from morning to night, consider your child’s interests from a broader perspective. For example, children who love to play the game Minecraft might be interested in construction, geology, computer coding, electronics, engineering, architecture, landscape design, mathematics, geography, climate issues, or game design. Video games such as Minecraft require and practice skills in areas of problem-solving, explaining how things work, organizational skills, cooperation and collaboration skills, keeping track of several tasks at once, planning, cooperation and collaboration skills, and creativity.

What follows are some of the best careers for people with ADHD, based upon the early interests shown during childhood.

The Best Careers for People With ADHD:

Small business owners – Small business owners are entrepreneurs who are responsible for running and starting their own businesses. This is one of the best careers for people with ADHD because the hours are extremely flexible, and the work varies every day. This type of work environment can be appealing to adults with ADHD who struggle with restlessness. This career can also be good for individuals with ADHD because they can focus all of their time and attention on a career that they truly love, and research shows that individuals with ADHD are able to sustain their attention to activities they enjoy.

High tech field – The high tech field includes a variety of careers such as computer technicians and software developers. Computer technicians often work with a team of colleagues to troubleshoot computer problems, while software developers frequently work independently to create and solve computer codes for programs, websites, or apps. These high tech jobs make our list of the best careers for people with ADHD because evolving technology provides stimulation to the frontal lobe region of the brain, which may enable people to pay closer attention to detail when solving technological issues.

Drivers – Truck drivers earn a living by transporting goods and materials over land. This may be one of the best careers for people with ADHD because drivers receive very clear directions about their driving destinations. In addition, some individuals with ADHD have a lot of energy, and loading, unloading, and preparing for road trips can serve as a release for that energy.

Mechanics – Auto mechanics are responsible for the repair and maintenance of various types of motor vehicles. Some individuals with ADHD enjoy fast-paced activities, and mechanics are presented with various challenges that change with every workday, which can provide an element of surprise. Moreover, many individuals with ADHD are very social and, as mechanics, could enjoy the social interactions with other mechanics and workers in the shop as well as the interactions they have with customers.

Chefs and cooks – Individuals who work in the culinary arts are responsible for preparing various types of foods for different restaurants or companies. Unlike cooks, chefs have the ability to experiment and create their own recipes. However, they may need to team up with a colleague to help with the planning and organizational aspects of the career. Chefs tend to have sporadic hours and face-paced schedules, the excitement of which can be alluring to individuals with ADHD.

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