Apps and Tools to Help Teens with Depression

You probably don’t know another teenager who doesn’t get irritated with their parents, siblings, or friends sometimes. Mood swings are a part of life. But if you find your moods change drastically or you feel grumpy all the time, you may be struggling with depression. There are many great apps and tools to help teens with depression. Your smartphone can be a handy tool to reduce the symptoms of depression.

You can also try some of the following strategies that will help you to reduce your feelings of depression:

Get moving by doing some brief exercise in which you can count how many activities you have done.  For instance, do as many sit ups, push-ups, or squats as you can in a minute.  Get outdoors and run around your house or on a small loop of roads near where you live.  This could help to decrease sadness or negative thoughts and improve your self-esteem.

Learn about and talk to other people who experience depression.  Talk to relatives or friends who experience depression in a similar way.  Look up famous people, such as celebrities, sports figures, or historical figures, who have depression.  You might even learn a few activities or tips on how to combat your depression.

Talk to an older person about his or her life.  Call your grandparent or an aunt or uncle who could tell you something about his or her childhood.  It might help for you to learn about how things were decades earlier and how they got to where they are now.  Talking to someone you admire who is of another generation could not only help you to learn about a different time but could also improve your mood and help to drive away sadness.

Try some depression-reducing apps.  There are a lot of apps that could help you better understand your depression.  Others can provide specific techniques to reduce your symptoms or give tips on managing your depression day by day. Use an app such as SuperBetter which helps you to improve your emotional, physical, and mental health.


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