Having trouble concentrating? Minecraft can help.

What happens if you don’t pay attention when you’re playing Minecraft? You die.

If you don’t pay attention to your hunger or health meters you will starve. Standing still makes you a sitting duck just waiting for a creeper to sneak up on you. You have to be alert to spot the zombies, skeletons, and spiders lurking in the dark.

Trouble concentrating can get you in trouble in Minecraft.

Minecraft is dangerous at night. Image: Flickr user 8one6

Paying attention to your surroundings won’t just help you survive in Minecraft, it will help you thrive.

Focusing is an even more important skill for school. Of course, there aren’t any creepers in the classroom waiting to attack when you start to daydream. But…

If you don’t pay attention when the teacher is talking, you’ll be lost. If you don’t stay on task when you’re doing homework, you’ll be in trouble when it’s time to the assignment in. You have to stay alert and concentrate so you’re not left in the dark.

Beware of creepers!

Seriously. Image: Flickr user Konnor

Whether you’re playing Minecraft or doing your homework, the focus skill helps you get started on a task and keep working until it’s done. Check out this video to learn more about focus.

Watch a few of our Let’s Play videos on the LearningWorks for Kids Let’s Play YouTube channel to learn more about how Minecraft can help you learn some good skills. In this video, Ryan S. focuses on building a roof for his fort to keep him protected from the dangers of Minecraft. Watch now!


Featured image: Flickr user o0N0o

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