Minecraft Improves Organization Skills

Minecraft improves organization

Have you ever thought about how often you need to organize your Minecraft inventory? When it’s time to make a structure or finish a project, it’s hard to do when you’re not sure what you have for materials. You use organization when you are planning how you want your structure to look, too. Shaping out your builds before you start is how you create something that fits in the space you have. Organizing in Minecraft is something you do without even really thinking about it. It just needs to be done.

Organization is also one of the most important skills for doing well in school. If you can’t find your homework, you’ll never get it done. If you lose your agenda, you’ll forget when a project is due. Here’s a video about the organization thinking skill to help you understand how it works.

To learn more about how Minecraft can improve your skills, watch a few of our Let’s Play videos on the LearningWorks for Kids Let’s Play YouTube channel, like this one about how Minecraft improves organization.

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Next time you play Minecraft try to think about how you organize your stuff in the game and how you might use some of the same organization strategies to help you at school and at home. Show your parents this Minecraft organization project to help them understand how Minecraft improves organization. You can also show them our Minecraft Playbook to let them know that playing Minecraft can be good for you.


Featured image: Flickr user Wesley Fryer

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