Our Favorite Websites and iOS Apps for Math Practice for Kids

Some kids find working with math easy and enjoyable. Others find it difficult and frustrating. These children may lack basic number sense or struggle with recalling fundamental math facts. Recognizing patterns and working with fractions, graphs, and simple geometry may be especially challenging. Fortunately, kids can learn most math skills if they’re willing, and given the support, to practice, practice, practice.

Math in an academic setting often fails to engage children’s interests. If you want to get kids to practice math, you’ll need to find more interesting ways to do so. The good news is that there are great games, apps, and websites that will engage kids in math activities for hours at a time. And once they get bored with a particular app or website, it’s easy to find another that practices the same skills in a slightly different way. We’ve looked through our favorite websites and math games and apps for Apple devices to find those that compliment each other best. We recommend the two combinations below to help children get the most out of math practice.

Combination 1:

Meteor MathMeteor Math is an outer space-themed iOS math game wherein correctly solved addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems keep the screen clear of space debris. Meteor Math is a fun way to practice simple math skills.

Number TapNumber Tap – Math Master is an app for Apple devices that challenges users to solve increasingly difficult math problems against the clock. As the seconds tick down, quickly and correctly solving problems earns more time. Easy, medium, and hard difficulties present users with single-, double-, and triple-digit math problems respectively.

XL MathIXL Math is a website that offers math practice for school kids from pre-K to 12th grade in everything from counting to multiplying fractions to pre-calculus. Family and classroom memberships are required, with a number of free practice questions allowed daily.


Combination 2:

FixumFixum is a math puzzle game of graduated difficulty. Made for Apple devices, the object of the game is to reproduce shapes, the number of pieces with which to do so increasing as the game progresses.

Endless NumbersEndless Numbers is another iOS app designed to familiarize children with numbers. It helps users visually recognize numbers and their represented quantities through a series of exercises that involve simple math equations.

BrainPopBrainPop is a comprehensive website that covers multiple disciplines. Their math section is extremely engaging and helpful for kids of all ages struggling with math concepts and needing practice. Instructional videos and games help children get the most out of their math practice.


For other articles about how to make practicing math more engaging, see how to Help Your Child Improve Working Memory Skills for Math and Help Your Child Improve Working Memory and Math Skills. For at-home math solutions that don’t involve video games and technology, see posts from our Beyond Games series about Making Sense of Math and how to Make Real World Math More Interesting.


Featured image: Flickr user Jinx!

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