5 Reasons Why IXL Math is Essential for Your Child

Math is one of the most useful academic skills, as we use it all the time in our day-to-day lives. But for many kids, mastering even basic mathematical skills can be tough. Textbooks, worksheets and other traditional study methods often fail to captivate children, resulting in an inability to focus, decreased attention and a loss of interest. However, there are many modern tools parents can use to help their kids get a leg up in math.

One of our favorites is IXL Math (click here for our full guide), which offers a slew of interactive math material for a variety of grade levels. When used in conjunction with school lessons, it can be a powerful tool for improving mathematics skills and classroom performance. Here’s why.

5 Great Reasons to Use IXL Math

1.) Easy-to-Use — The IXL Math website is organized using a convenient table-of-contents style presentation, with interactive lessons that are easy to follow. This makes the expansive library of tutorials a breeze to navigate, helping kids find the material they need fast.

2.) At-home Learning — Classroom learning isn’t always enough, and for many kids — especially children affected by ADHD — extracurricular practice may be required. IXL Math gives parents an easy way to supplement their kids’ learning in the comfort of their own home.

3.) Common Core Standards — IXL Math offers content that aligns with common-core standards, giving grade-specific content presented in a textbook type of style, ensuring kids stay up to speed with their current academic level.

4.) Homework Help — Sometimes, even parents get stumped. Finishing homework that involves complicated or confusing equations and calculations can be tough, but IXL can make the process a lot easier. Use IXL to review material and find out the correct method and approach required to solve specific math problems.

5.) Mental Math — Working out math problems on IXL is a great way for kids to practice using mental math (solving equations in their head rather than with the help of pencils and paper). This can help them learn to distinguish between questions they can answer using mental math, and more difficult questions that will require a pencil and paper, helping them improve speed and proficiency when it comes time to take standardized tests.

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