How Time Management and Organization are Vital to Your Child’s Success at School

time management and organizationStaying organized and working efficiently are some of the most important qualities students can possess if they hope to do well at school. When it comes to classroom success, Time Management and Organization are two of the most crucial skills students need if they wish to earn good grades.

In order to ensure the quality of their work, students need to coordinate study materials approach work and assignments in a well-organized manner. They need to stay on top of workloads and meet deadlines, and must learn to manage their time efficiently and stick to a schedule.

Time Management and Organization at School:

Organization skills have some practical applications at school, from knowing how to find homework and studying materials, to working systematically on longer projects like essays and book reports. Organization skills help kids keep track of their assignments, commitments, and responsibilities.

Time Management skills help children be better at planning and scheduling, and helps them accurately judge how long it will take to complete tasks. It helps kids prioritize their actions and complete tasks in a timely fashion.

Parents looking for ways to help boost their children’s grades have a handful of useful apps that offer interactive ways to support Time Management and Organization at school. One of our favorites is InClass, a free app that lets users input classes, schedules and assignments into the phone, and receive reminders and updates on their obligations. Pair this with the Livescribe “Smartpen” — which records audio and links it to the notes being taken — and you’ve got a classroom duo sure to help kids work efficiently and keep their academic worlds organized.

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