The Best Online Resources for Parents of Children with ADHD

Parents and Slow Processing in Children

The Internet can be a great resource for parents of children with ADHD, with networks, forums, databases and organizations housing a wide array of information on the topic of ADHD in children. The web is filled with useful tools and information for parents of children with ADHD, and while we’d certainly like to think of LearningWorks for Kids as being one of your top online resources for all things ADHD, there are a number of additional web-based resources available for parents of children with ADHD.

Some of Our Favorite Online Resources for ADHD:

1.) CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder), is a national non-profit organization which aims to improve the lives of people affected with ADHD through education, advocacy and support. CHADD is a leader in the field of ADHD, and we ourselves regularly attend and speak at their conferences.

2.) National Resource Center on ADHD. Funded by the CDC, this organization’s online destination houses much science-based information about ADHD. Their web-based material has lots to offer parents, with research-based information concerning many topics concerning ADHD and children.

3.) Cogmed.  Cogmed is a website that hosts a variety of content concerning the areas of Working Memory and attention in kids with ADHD. There are informative articles and webinars available, but the main attractions is Cogmed Working Memory Training, a peer-reviewed application proven to help kids improve memory and focus. Get the rundown on how this web-based service can help improve attention and memory by reading our full Cogmed review.

4. Dreambox Learning. We stressed in the past the potential benefits of using interactive online media to boost at-home learning in children. Dreambox Learning is one of the best math-focused options for parents of children with ADHD to consider, as it individualizes lesson plans by assessing users’ academic strengths and weaknesses, and provides parents with reports on their children’s activities and progress. See our Dreambox Learning review for more information.

5.) Mimo ReadingLike Dreambox Learning, Mimio offers an adaptive reading approach that accommodates children’s current grade-level and proficiency, working to improve specific areas of reading. Read our Mimio Reading review for more details.

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