Apps for ADHD: Best Scheduling Apps for Kids

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It’s easy to get disorganized, especially when trying to balance your child’s class work, social life, extracurricular activities and other obligations. For children diagnbosed with ADHD, staying on top of daily demands can be challenging, making scheduling apps an important, protable tool kids can use to stay ontrack and on time.

Aside from their obvious portability, many of the best scheduling apps for kids are highly functional, easy to use, and are often equipped with a reminder function. Scheduling apps can help kids with ADHD feel less overwhelmed by commitments, homework, and extracurricular activities when they use scheduling apps with consistency. At LearningWorks for Kids, we believe it is extremely important that children integrate technology with their learning — especially when it can address the speficic challenges faced by alternative learners.

Below you’ll find our most highly recommended scheduling apps for kids. Each houses uniques features, so be sure to read our full guides to find the one best fit for your child’s needs.

Our Top Scheduling Apps for ADHD:


Being able to access a planning and scheduling app from both a mobile device and a home computer makes it much easier to manage a busy schedule. myHomework combines the ease or use of a larger desktop or laptop with the mobility of a mobile app. Entries are synced across the two platforms upon entry. Kids can quickly input due dates of their assignment, relevant details, teacher contact info and more into these pre-existing categories. myHomework then automates the information into an interactive calendar. Learn more in our myHomework review.


Although iCal is only available for iOS, it is still one of the the best scheduling apps available. Like myHomework, entries can be synced across all connected devices, allowing users access to their schedules wherever they are. This color coded scheduling app is highly visual and offers a useful reminder system, with time blocks that help kids see where certain activities occur within the context of the day or week. Reminders can be set at any time for events well into the future, and can be set to repeat if the activity is recurring. More information is available in out iCal review.


inClass is a very effective academic scheduling app. It offers kids the opportunity to prioritize their assignments and commitments. The priority feature is especially useful when certain events have specific deadlines. inClass helps kids to develop a strategy and an order for getting things done based on the order of their importance. While it is not as fully functional as some of the rivaling scheduling apps, the emphasis placed on priority makes the app a useful productivity app for school. Find out more in our inClass review.

tempo smart calendarTempo Smart Calendar:

Though this scheduling app seemingly lends itself to life in the workforce, it can certainly be utilized by kids — especially as the generations of students become increasingly enveloped in a digital world. More and more school systems are turning to e-mail as the primary method for out of class communication. Assignments are often submitted electronically, so it makes sense then to have an app like Tempo Smart Calendar  which syncs all e-mails, contacts, messages, calendar dates, and social media accounts into a single database. Find out more in our Tempo Smart Calender review.





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