Top 5 Time Management Games

time management games

Gaming is a great avenue for improving Time Management skills. A multitude of games require players to be able to effectively manage their time between deadlines and objectives that require varying amounts of dedication and attention. Players are often tasked with racing against the clock, other players, or environmental factors that necessitate the ability to effectively use their time. As in the real world, time is a valuable resource in gaming, and players must successfully utilize it by balancing focus and effort across various tasks. At LearningWorks for Kids, we’ve dug up some of the best Time Management games, and are sharing our favorite five with you.

The following game selections can help children learn to divide their time amongst numerous important tasks, stay focused under the pressures of a ticking clock, or learn to create strategies that use time to their advantage.

Our Top 5 Picks for the Best Time Management Games:

Kingdom RushKingdom Rush:

Kingdom Rush is a fast-paced and exciting “castle defender” game. Players are tasked with defending a base from an ever increasing number of attackers, using a variety of strategies, weapons, and structures. As players repel each new wave of attackers they are granted additional funds and resources with which to prepare their base for the next onslaught of invaders. Each wave comes with an increased number of attackers and players must be able to effectively manage their attention and time between numerous points in order to be successful. Discover more in our Kingdom Rush review.


Puzzlejuice combines classic Tetris with a word game. Players work to align colored blocks neatly as they fall from the top of the screen. When a series of like-colored boxes are arranged together, players can turn the boxes into jumbled letters. As players create words from the newly produced letters, the boxes disappear and make room for new boxes. Players must be able to work quickly and effectively though, as letting the screen fill with boxes causes the game to end and players to lose. Learn more in our Puzzlejuice review.


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TheBlockheadsThe Blockheads:

The Blockheads is a fun and expansive open-world game in which players create and set their own objectives. Beginning with a character and very limited resources, players gather important materials, create tools, build shelters, and acquire nourishment from an enormous and varied game world. The amount of work players can accomplish, however, is limited by daylight, energy, and the amount of time required to construct or craft difficult tools and items. Players must be able to effectively plan and manage their time in order to find success. Get more information in our The Blockheads review.


Dots is a challenging game which pits players against a ticking clock. Players work to remove colored dots on a 6 X 6 grid by selecting adjacent dots of the same color. Each time dots are removed, new dots drop in from the top of the grid to replace them. Players must be able to manage their time and adjust their strategies accordingly, because the game only provides a limited amount of time in which to destroy as many dots as possible. The more dots that are destroyed, and the greater number of dots in each selection, the higher a players score. Uncover more in our Dots review.

Harbor-MasterHarbor Master HD:

Harbor Master HD puts players in charge of an extremely busy harbor. Ships of varying sizes carrying various amounts of color-coded cargo appear from the edges of the harbor. Players must guide ships in and out of the different docks to unload their cargo at varying speeds. The speed at which a ship travels and unloads is determined by its size and cargo. Players must be able to guide the color-coded ships into the corresponding docks without causing collisions between ships or other objects in the environment. As the number of ships increases, players must be able to manage their time between guiding ships into the harbor, to docks, and out of the harbor safely. Find out more in our Harbor Master HD review.

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