Should You Buy a Nintendo 2DS for Your Kids?

Nintendo 2DS Price Release Date

Nintendo’s newly announced Nintendo 2DS is tablet-like, dual screen, non-3D version of its portable 3DS game system. This latest hardware revision brings about a lower price point, and releases just before the holiday season. But what makes this new game console unique, and is it the right choice for your child? Our Nintendo 2DS FAQ has the answers.

What is the Nintendo 2DS?

The Nintendo 2DS is not a brand new game console, but a redesign of Nintendo’s 3DS system. The 2DS can no longer display 3D effects, and abandons the foldable, “clamshell” design of the original.

The solid body design is meant to make the system more durable for young ones, as the hinges on the original 3DS could sometimes break.

The lack of a 3D effect is also geared towards children, but really has two purposes. First, it makes the system safer for young kids (3D effects are not recommended for children under six), and second, it reduces production costs to offer a cheaper 3DS console for consumers.

How Much Will Nintendo 2DS Cost?

The Nintendo 2DS will cost $129.99 in the United States.

What About the Nintendo 2DS Release Date?

Nintendo 2DS comes out October 12th, 2013. That’s the same date as when Pokemon X / Y releases, the latest Pokemon game from Nintendo. Good timing!

Can You Pre-Order Nintendo 2DS?

No, not yet. We’ll update this guide once US retailers like Amazon, Best Buy and GameStop are taking pre-orders.

Does Nintendo 2DS play 3DS Games?

Yes. The entire library of games for Nintendo 3DS and DS are playable on the system — just without the 3D effects.

Can Nintendo 2DS Play Download Games?

Absolutely. The system will connect to Nintendo’s eShop just like the 3DS.

There, you can download new retail releases, buy classic games from the Virtual Console, and purchase game’s previously released on DSiWare.

Should I Buy A Nintendo 2DS?

Well, that depends greatly on your children’s ages and whether or not your kids already own an older 3DS model.

If your kids are older, and enjoy 3D effects, this probably isn’t the right option for them. Instead, consider upgrading to the larger 3DS XL. This enlarged version of the original 3DS houses bigger screens that really make the 3DS effects pop. It’ll cost you, though, coming in a $199.99.

However, if you have children under the age of 6 who are new to the system, and are interested in gaming, the 2DS offers a great option. Its flat design means no broken hinges, and it costs $40.00 less than the base 3DS model, and $70.00 cheaper than the 3DS XL.

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