LW4K Picks: Best Apps for Improving Planning Skills

Planning is a fundamentally important skill for both academics and everyday life. Children with good Planning skills are more likely to be able to balance school and social activities, successfully gather tools and resources necessary for completing complex tasks, and exercise prioritization. As the amount of obligations and distractions for children continue to grow in the twenty-first century, Planning skills have become increasingly important for success. Fortunately, digital media and mobile apps have made it easier than ever to practice, improve, and facilitate Planning skills using technology. After searching, testing, and assessing a wide variety of apps, LearningWorks for Kids is proud to present our list of the best apps for improving Planning skills.

The following app selections can help your child with Planning skills ranging from scheduling, to improving the ability to prioritize and multi-task.

Our Picks for Best Apps for Improving Planning Skills:



30/30 is an app designed to help users prioritize and track the amount of time they spend on individual tasks or smaller parts of a larger undertaking. The app relies on the idea that individuals are more productive when taking short breaks in between work. Users can program a series of tasks into 30/30, timing how long they spend dedicating effort and moving on to a new task when the app indicates time has expired. Find out more in our 30/30 app review.




iCal is Apple’s calendar and scheduling app designed for home computers and mobile devices. The app allows users to designate blocks of time as far in advance as they wish for everything from class assignments to concerts. Users can seperate their tasks into customizable categories, indicating time, place, and other important information pertaining to a new “event.” Calendars can also be synced across multiple devices. Discover more in our iCal app review.


Google Calendar:


Google Calendar is Google’s own calendar and scheduling app available via an internet connection on any home computer or mobile device. Users can add and edit customizable obligations, assignments, and appointments while keeping their calendar in sync across multiple devices. Google Calendar can also be shared amongst multiple users, making it easier to plan family dinners, vacations, and other important events in which multiple parties are required for the Planning phase. Get more information in our Google Calendar review.




WikiHow is a web-based resource that provides written step-by-step instructions on how to complete a number of tasks. From making bike repairs, to baking a cake, users will find WikiHow‘s guides a great way to practice Planning by learning to gather requires resources and materials prior to beginning a task. Additionally, users who create their own step-by-step guides must be able to exercise the Planning thinking skill when determining what steps are involved in a process, and in what order the steps should appear. Uncover more in our WikiHow review.


Garage Band:


Garage Band is a robust program for Apple computers that facilitates the creation or recording of musical compositions. Users can input recordings of real instruments, or create compositions using a huge variety of simulated instruments available from the program. As with any composition, music featuring multiple instruments requires a great deal of forethought and planning as users decide where and how to deploy beats, melodies, and other important features of their songs. Garage Band presents both a challenging and extremely enjoyable way to practice Planning in an untraditional venue. Read more in our Garage Band review.

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