Barefoot World Atlas

Barefoot World Atlas is a highly functional, interactive world map, which users can tilt, zoom, and learn about world culture, geography, topography, and history.


Flipagram is an interactive social photo album, where users can choose pictures from their Facebook and Instagram profiles, as well as their personal camera roll.


Storyhouse is an iPad only app that can really bring a story to life using videos, pictures, and text, to create an interactive account of an activity, vacation, or idea.


Winston is a off-shoot of the Siri app, where users can receive a personalized aggregated list of all types of narrated news stories


Calm is a mediation app that helps kids practice good Focus and Self-Control skills, and may be of aid to children affected by autism spectrum disorders.


IF… is an adventure game all about social and emotional learning (SEL), and helps kids learn good Self-Control and Self-Awareness skills through fun, interactive gameplay.

Glide – Video Texting

While video messaging apps are sometimes frowned upon for providing a vehicle for inappropriate content, there is no denying their usefulness as communication aids. Glide, for example, acts like a visual […]

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