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Find out more about Executive Functions, Cognitive Thinking Skills, Learning Challenges, and more.


Learning Profiles

How to use Learning Profiles.

Learning Profiles contain customized recommendations for games and apps that can help with each child's specific learning needs.

First you will need to tell us which platforms the child uses, so we know what types of games and apps to recommend.

Then we'll ask you for some basic information, and to tell us about which skills and challenges the child is struggling with.

Once finished, you'll be taken to the Learning Profile, where each of the skills and challenges you chose will be displayed at the top of the page.

You can find the child's top recommendations in the Games and Apps box below.

You can filter these recommendations by Learning Challenge or Skill by clicking on buttons over the games and apps.

To see all of your child's game and app recommendations, click on the See All button at the top of the box.

Further down on the page, you'll find recommendations for our Premium Features: Play Now games and Prescriptions.

Play Now games are fun, popular online games that kids can play and learn from right here on LW4K.

Prescriptions are step-by-step Parents' guides for using specific series of games and apps to improve their child's thinking skills and academics.

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Finding Games and Apps

There are two ways to find Games and Apps on LearningWorks for Kids


Learning Profile

Create a learning profile for a child to receive customized recommendations for games, apps, and more.


Search the Library

Search by skill, age, platform, or learning challenge to find great games and apps for any child’s learning needs.



Check out all of our great resources to learn about Executive Functions, Thinking Skills, Learning Challenges and more!

The Science of Play


Thinking Skills


Executive Functions


Academic Skills


Play Diet


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Articles for Kids


Alternative Learners




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All Premium Members get complete access to all of these amazing features.

Kids Pages

With Kids Pages, each child on your account will get their own unique profile page, filled with customized content for kids, personally selected to address each child’s unique learning needs.

Play Now Games

Your premium membership comes with complete access to our constantly growing library of Play Now Games, which let your child play great learning games right here on LW4K.

Thinking Skills Assessments

All premium members have access to our complete Thinking and Academic Skills Assessment, which determines your child’s unique cognitive strengths and weaknesses.


Premium Members are given all of our Play Prescriptions, the in-depth, step-by-step guides that show you how to improve critical thinking and academic skills with games and technology.


Ebook Library

All premium members have access to our complete library of ebooks on education, technology, and parenting in the digital age.


Tips and Strategies

Premium profiles contain customized tips and strategies for making the most of your child’s digital play time. 

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