Welcome to Building Skills with Minecraft

Before you can join the Building Skills with Minecraft Sessions you will first need to install Discord on your computer and then join our Minecraft Server.

Please follow each of the steps listed below. They will show you how to get setup for the first time and help you become comfortable with using Discord so we can communicate throughout the session.

Step 1: Getting Set up for the Minecraft Session

Please follow the below instructions and watch the following video below for a detailed walkthrough of how to join our Discord server and Minecraft game in order to participate in the sessions.

How to Join Our Discord Server

Discord is a voice communications program so we can guide you step by step in the adventures we will embark on.

  • To join click this link https://discord.gg/PssPVZW
  • Choose a name and Click “Continue”
  • If you have never made a Discord account before, click Register and enter an Email, Username and Password you will remember!
  • Once you have created your account you are going to click the + in the top left corner of your screen.
  • Click “Join A Server” and Paste our Link in the box: https://discord.gg/PssPVZW
  • This should connect you to our Voice Server! Click the Learning Works Logo on the Left side and join the Learningworks Lobby by clicking on it and you are good to go!

How to Launch and log into Minecraft

  • If you do not already own Minecraft you will need to go to minecraft.net and purchase an account and click the download link!
  • If you already do own Minecraft you will need to launch Minecraft from your Desktop.
  • Once Minecraft is launched, click the “Multiplayer” button
  • Now click the “Add Server” button
  • Copy and paste this address into the “IP Address” field: server.learningworksforkids.com
  • For server name, enter “Learning Works for Kids”
  • Double click on the server to join!

Step 2: Using Discord

Please watch the video below for details on how to use the program Discord and make sure you can hear our gamer-guides.