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Playing Smarter in a Digital World: A Guide to Choosing and Using Popular Video Games and Apps to Improve Executive Functioning in Children and Teens

Dr. Kulman’s book aims to help parents make their children’s digital playtime educational. The book’s clearly articulated strategies help parents use digital media in a more effective manner and, at the same time, set effective limits and implement a healthy “play diet” for their children.
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Train Your Brain for Success: A Teenager’s Guide to Executive Functions

Dr. Kulman’s book demonstrates the ways kids use executive functions in school, at home, and in their other activities and shows how these skills can be improved through sustained effort.

Interviews and Articles

Learning Works for Kids: Getting Parents Engaged in GBL
Interview with Randy Kulman and James Daley from

Stretch Your Child’s Brain: Summer Fun with Executive Functioning
Article about brain training from PsychCentral.
Psychologist offers ways to avoid summer brain drain
Article on LW4K’s summer program from

Helping your forgetful student
Article on memory training by Dr. Kulman.

Parenting Your Digital Child: Why parents should play video games
Article on the benefits of digital play by Dr. Kulman.

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