Introduction to Study Skills for Time Management: Tetris Blitz and Flipd

Introduction to LW4K Study Skills: Time Management

In this workshop, our expert Gamer Guides introduce our LW4K explorers to a game and an app selected to improve their time management skills.


The LW4K Study Skills series offers an introduction to using games and apps to discuss and practice critical skills for school and daily life. This workshop focuses on the skill of Time Management. Effective Time Management means developing strategies to prioritize tasks and complete duties in a timely fashion. It involves accurately judging the amount of time it will take to complete a task and knowing how to stick to a schedule.

When playing games, players are asked to develop strategies to accomplish a variety of goals. Many games require the player to complete a certain amount of tasks and challenges within a limited time frame. Games often require that players prioritize their actions to maximize their progress and success. Playing games can help improve Time Management by allowing the practice of this skill while in the midst of a fun and immersive experience.

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Games and Apps Used in this Workshop

Traditionally Tetris is not a timed game in the sense that there is no game clock. But a clock is featured in Tetris Blitz, introducing a little more mayhem in this version. Players must work to remain composed in a highly stressful environment to string together a series of tiles. Because of the time limit, players may have to adjust their strategies. They will need to work faster, constantly trying to activate powerups to achieve a high score.

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Tetris Blitz Mac/iOS Download

Tetris Blitz Android Download


Flipd is here to help you put down your phone and find more balance in how you spend your time. Use Flipd to minimize distractions and track how you spend time away from apps and email. For those who need extra help, use the Full Lock Mode to disappear all downloaded apps and stop all notifications for a period of time when you most need to focus.

Flipd Mac/iOS Download

Flipd Android Download

Workshop Schedule

To join the live session, simply select the appropriate date and time below, then click on the Join Live Session button.  If this is your child’s first session, please make sure to allow extra time for set up.

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Workshop Activities

The LW4K method to using video games as teaching tools relies on strategic teaching principles and our approach of “Detect, Reflect, and Connect.” The purpose of the Detect, Reflect, and Connect steps is to mold the child into an active learner who becomes aware of, engaged in, and contemplative of what she is learning. These steps can enhance motivation and concentration. They also assist in extending learning beyond a particular game or technology and connecting it to the real world.

  • Detect

    Detect or identify when and where they are using thinking skills in video game play.

    After a brief introduction, explorers will have the opportunity to explore the tutorials and introductory levels of the game. A discussion will follow focusing on the different time management strategies individual players used to approach each level.

  • Reflect

    Reflect or consider how the thinking skills used during gameplay helps them to achieve their goals.

    With these strategies in mind, explorers can return to the game to either refine their strategy or employ a fellow explorer’s method. After a short period of play, we continue with a group discussion to further reflect on the benefits and drawbacks of various strategies used by the group.

  • Connect

    Connect or apply game-based thinking skills to real-world activities.

    The group discussion will move on to how these same strategies can be used for achieving goals outside of the game. During the discussion, we will introduce an app that can help explorers track their time and focus on activities away from the distractions of their phone.

Follow-Up Activities

Activity #1

Play 5 rounds of Tetris Blitz dedicated to a time management strategy that was discussed in class. For example, before beginning a new round, choose a gameplay focus or do one minute of deep breathing to prepare for the challenge ahead.

Activity #2

Use flipd to unplug for 30 minutes each day during the next week. Remember to tag (#) your tracked time with how you spent those 30 minutes (reading, history homework, soccer drills, painting, etc…).