Building Time Management with Minecraft – Ender Dragon Fight

Building Time Management with Minecraft - Ender Dragon Fight!

In this workshop, our expert Gamer Guides lead kids through fun Minecraft activities to improve their or Time Management skills.

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Today’s Activity: Time Management while Fighting the Ender Dragon!

This is a live minecraft course filled with activities set up by learning works for kids to have fun and help practice your child’s Time Management skill! We will be playing minecraft together for an hour and relating the skills they are using in the game to situations and scenarios they use  in their everyday life!

For this session the theme is Introduction to Time Management while racing!

We will start by introducing what Time Management is, asking some questions to the participants and getting the brain rolling!

Once their minds are going a bit and we are all familiar with one another we will take it to the planning room and armory set up by the Learning Works For Kids gamer guides!

The students will have a discussion about how they plan to spend their time fighting the Ender dragon and their strategy to defeat it in the limited time given.

Throughout the battle and after we will reflect and talk about how Time Manegement has helped them conquer today’s challenge and how they can use it to help solve problems at school or at home as well!

We will wrap up by talking about things they can do for homework as well.

For more information about Time Management, visit the Time Management Page at LearningWorks for Kids.

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Workshop Schedule

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Other Workshops in this Series

Workshop Activities

The LW4K method to using video games as teaching tools relies on strategic teaching principles and our approach of “Detect, Reflect, and Connect.” The purpose of the Detect, Reflect, and Connect steps is to mold the child into an active learner who becomes aware of, engaged in, and contemplative of what she is learning. These steps can enhance motivation and concentration. They also assist in extending learning beyond a particular game or technology and connecting it to the real world.

  • Detect

    Detect or identify when and where they are using thinking skills in video game play.

    Before we start battling the ender dragon the Learningworks For Kids gamer guides will make it clear that today’s session is about Time Management. As we get to know each other and prepare for battle we will talk about how Time Management is used in minecraft and how they plan to use it in the challenges to come.

  • Reflect

    Reflect or consider how the thinking skills used during gameplay helps them to achieve their goals.

    We will discuss previous attempts at fighting the Ender dragon and discuss what has worked and what has not fighting the dragon in the past, as well what has saved them time in the process.  The Gamer Guides will then will start the battle with the students and discuss on the end how the battle turned out. What worked in it, what did not and overall what was a waste of their time in the battle.

  • Connect

    Connect or apply game-based thinking skills to real-world activities.

    Through out the session we will relate the Time Management your child is using in minecraft with tasks they must overcome on a daily basis. For example, talking about how Managing the time slaying the Ender Dragon is not too different then managing the time getting ready for school, and explain why it is important to practice this skill for tasks in their life to come.

Follow-Up Activities

Activity #1

Play Together – Recreate the battle!

Recreate our session but with less limits and as much time as you’d like to give your child! This can be done by opening a new creative mode map in Minecraft and asking your child to arm themselves up and send them to the end world. As you do this with your child have them break at every success or failure and talk about if their plan worked, and if they wasted any time on anything in the battle. Once finished or throughout it, ask some questions, get involved! Did they use their time wisely? How could they do it better next time? How could How could they use these skills outside when playing?

Activity #2

Create Together – Artwork!

Find your child’s favorite medium of creativity, whether it be a piece of Artwork, a short story, a sculpture, or even Lego creation. Sit down and create something with them or along side them. Set a goal for them as well a set time for them to create it by. Turn off the TV, put away the cell phones and help ignore all distractions. Relate it to the session and how your child used time management on completing the race in minecraft.