Time Management Skills: Staying calm under time pressure

Time Management Skills: Staying calm under time pressure

In this workshop, our expert LearningWorks Live Instructors use a game and an app to help students practice staying calm while trying to complete a goal with time pressure.

Today’s Activity: Dumb Ways to Die & Breathe

For this session of LearningWorkForKids’s Time Management Workshop, our LearningWorks Live Instructors and our new Learning Works For Kids Explorers will be exploring the introduction of the thinking skill Time Management.

We will start with the basics: What is Time Management? How can it be used? What video games challenge you to use your Time Management skills? How so?

Let’s learn more about Time Management together!

Learningworks Time Management Guide

This week we will be focusing on keeping calm when under time pressure.

Game of the day: Dumb Ways to Die

We will be doing a quick demo live of Dumb Ways to Die and then its time to play! Each child will have some individual exploration time with the game while we communicate together about the game and Time Management inside of it!

Reflection / Whiteboard Activity

Whiteboard activities include group discussions, polls, and more!

LearningWorks Live Instructors and Explorers will discuss the Whiteboard Activity. What was your experience like? How did you use your Time Management skills to complete the task? What was challenging?

Explorers will be posed with questions, such as: What did you learn today? How can you translate your Time Management skills to other areas of your life?

App of the day: Breathe+

Breathe is an app that helps users practice calm and controlled breathing. We will be showcasing this app and the basics on how to use it.

Assign homework.  

See the next lesson on “Follow-up activities” to learn more about how your child can practice their Time Management skills this week!

Games and Apps Used in this Workshop

Game Downloads: Dumb Ways to Die

Android: Dumb Ways to Die Download

Mac/iOS: Dumb Ways to Die Download



App Downloads: Breathe+

Android: Breathe Google Play Download

Mac/IOS: Breathe+ App Store Download

Workshop Schedule

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Workshop Activities

The LW4K method to using video games as teaching tools relies on strategic teaching principles and our approach of “Detect, Reflect, and Connect.” The purpose of the Detect, Reflect, and Connect steps is to mold the child into an active learner who becomes aware of, engaged in, and contemplative of what she is learning. These steps can enhance motivation and concentration. They also assist in extending learning beyond a particular game or technology and connecting it to the real world.

  • Detect

    Detect or identify when and where they are using thinking skills in video game play.

    As the participants start their game play of Flowy the LearningWorks Live Instructors will help them identify how they must use time management as they progress through multiple levels. Unlike most games one of Flowy’s highlights is taking things slow and keeping calm, as it is a game that support mental health, breathing and panic attacks while playing. The LearningWorks Live Instructors will bring this up as we venture through each level.

  • Reflect

    Reflect or consider how the thinking skills used during gameplay helps them to achieve their goals.

    With a short break in the middle of game play time and a reflection at the end once the Flowy game play time runs up, we will all hop to the whiteboard and chat with one another about how we managed our time playing. The LearningWorks Live Instructors will ask time management based questions about the tasks they performed in game to see if they were efficient and used their limited time wisely to help them achieve their goals in game.

  • Connect

    Connect or apply game-based thinking skills to real-world activities.

    After that discussion about time management in Flowy the LearningWorks Live Instructors will relate the tasks performed and time managed while doing so to everyday life scenarios the participants encounter outside of video games, such as in school or at home. The LearningWorks Live Instructors will also ask for examples from the participants and discuss as a group.

Follow-Up Activities

Activity #1

Game and App Review!

If your child has taken multiple of the Time Management sessions within the last week talk to your child and ask them some questions about the games and apps they’ve learned about through this course! What game was their favorite? What Game made them think the most? What app resonated with them? Can they use any of the apps with their school work? What game gave them some trouble?

Once you have the answers to these questions help them pick and choose some apps to use more for school and games to play more to practice Time Management!

Activity #2

Continue with Breathe!

Have your child open up Breathe+ on their own and encourage them to use it in every day and practice the same breathing in stressful and time pressure situations!