Building Focus with Minecraft – Monster Combat!

Building Focus with Minecraft - Monster Combat!

In this workshop, our expert Gamer Guides lead kids through fun Minecraft activities to improve their focus skills.

Today’s Activity: Focus on Combat!

This is a live minecraft course filled with activities set up by learning works for kids to have fun and help practice your child’s focus skill! We will be playing minecraft together for an hour and relating the skills they are using in the game to situations and scenarios they use  in their everyday life!

For this session the theme is introduction to focus while completing combat trials!

We will start by introducing what focus is, asking some questions to the participants and getting the brain rolling!

Once we are warmed up we will start the series of trials to run your child through!

We will bring your child through a series of challenges that will include an Archery Range to warm up their focus skill. Followed by a teamwork based monster battle arena where they will be forced to work as a team with other students and focus on working as a team as new monster waves approach them. Lastly a solo based monster arena where they will have to focus on defeating all of the monsters before their classmates in a time challenge.

While going through these tasks the main focus will be on focus itself! Paying attention and learning from their mistakes! We will reflect after each challenge and discuss their ability to keep attention.

For more information about Focus, visit the Focus Page at LearningWorks for Kids.

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Workshop Schedule

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Workshop Activities

The LW4K method to using video games as teaching tools relies on strategic teaching principles and our approach of “Detect, Reflect, and Connect.” The purpose of the Detect, Reflect, and Connect steps is to mold the child into an active learner who becomes aware of, engaged in, and contemplative of what she is learning. These steps can enhance motivation and concentration. They also assist in extending learning beyond a particular game or technology and connecting it to the real world.

  • Detect

    Detect or identify when and where they are using thinking skills in video game play.

    Before we start the combat trials the Learningworks For Kids gamer guides will make it clear that today’s session is about focus. As we guide the students to the first trial we will talk about how focus is used in minecraft and start to ask how they use to conquer the upcoming challenges ahead.

  • Reflect

    Reflect or consider how the thinking skills used during gameplay helps them to achieve their goals.

    After completing the first archery challenge we will reflect back on how everyone did and talk about how keeping attention fully will end in a better result with more targets hit. The Gamer Guides will then guide the students to the monster arena and talk about how focusing on teamwork and each other will help them survive the arena. Then reflect back on that challenge as well.

  • Connect

    Connect or apply game-based thinking skills to real-world activities.

    Through out the session we will relate the focus your child is using in minecraft with tasks they must overcome on a daily basis. For example, talking about how focusing on monsters and combat in minecraft is not too different then focusing in class, and explaining why it is important to practice this skill for tasks in their life to come.

Follow-Up Activities

Activity #1

Play Together – Online Play

To continue the theme of the day, Have your child join an online battle server or a server with friends and make a goal and focus on it. Don’t let them get distracted! If internet is not supported or available in your household have your child suit up in the minecraft survival world and have the focus on slaying a new monster while keeping attention to this goal the entire time!

Activity #2

Make it Work- Real Life Task

Next time your child has to sit down to do their homework, start a new project or start their chores. Demonstrate the value of paying attention and keeping attention and relate it to our sessions! Create a goal for them ex) come up with a project topic & start the poster board or clean the dishes and table. Make sure they do not get distracted until they reach the end of their goal! If so reward them! let them play 20-30 minutes of Minecraft!