Building Skills With Minecraft


Building Skills With Minecraft is a home-based program that transforms playing Minecraft into an opportunity for developing executive functions and social and emotional learning skills.

Building Skills With Minecraft provides alternative learners- kids affected by ADHD, autism, learning issues, or other developmental disabilities- to play Minecraft in a moderated environment where our gamer-guides highlight skills such as planning, flexibility, self-awareness, and organization that are essential to game play.

Playing Minecraft with our gamer-guides is first about having fun in a safe environment, but we find ways to sprinkle in strategies that help kids connect game-based skills to real world learning.

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Questions and Answers

How does it work? 

Children play Minecraft from their own home on our private Minecraft server, moderated by our gamer-guides, where an invitation is required to participate. The server is only open during the supervised 1 hour sessions, that are scheduled after school for 4 consecutive weeks at the same time and day.

Groups of children can be formed either by an external organization who contacts us, (such as a school, mental health organization, or an after school program) or LearningWorks for Kids will form groups based upon age and learning concerns.

Parents receive weekly updates that leverage Building Skills With Minecraft into real world executive functioning and social emotional learning skills.

Who are the Gamer Guides?

LearningWorks for Kids Gamer Guides are undergraduates and graduates from the University of Rhode Island with backgrounds in psychology and game-based learning. They also love playing Minecraft!

Gamer Guides have tools that allow them to intervene if troublesome behavior is taking place and, if necessary ,mute or ban players who are causing a disruptive environment.

Who is Building Skills With Minecraft for?

The program is designed for kids aged 8-15 who like playing Minecraft. It is targeted for children who have difficulties with learning, self awareness, executive functions, attention, social skills, anxiety, and self-control.

What do I need to start?

  • Minecraft for the PC or Mac.
  • Participants will need to join our Minecraft Server, for which we have a simple guide.
  • About 4-8  kids (preferably between the ages of 8-13)

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