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Posts and Pages about ADHD

Tools and Apps to Enforce Screen Time Limits

Use this excellent listing of tools to limit access and time to technology. These are particularly helpful when kids refuse to stop playing or may be using technology inappropriately.  

Setting Limits: When a Play Diet Isn’t Working

Basic strategies for effective limits on technology. While we still prefer a global strategy such as a healthy “Play Diet”, many kids and families need a more structured approach. Links to many other articles about setting limits on screen time.

Playing Smarter in a Digital World

Use this excellent listing of tools to limit access and time to technology.Dr. Kulman’s book that describes schedules for video game and other digital play and how technology can be beneficial (and problematic) for kids with ADHD, LD, and ASDs.

Beyond Games: Organizing School and Homework

How improving organization can make homework more productive and a learning experience. The importance of organizational skills for having time to play and get school work done.

Time Management: When Working Hard Isn’t Enough

Addressing homework and academic concerns due to slow processing speed and time management difficulties. Practical strategies that recognize how slow processing is often seen in children with ADHD.

Finish Your Homework! 15 Tips for ADHD Students

Great ideas from Chris Dendy, M.S, who combines home and classroom strategies with executive skills for homework completion.

11 Best Homework and Study Apps

An excellent list of apps that can support homework completion and make homework a better experience for learning.

A Monster Ate My Homework

A cute LW4K video on a fun game that uses the skill of “Planning” to destroy monsters and maybe even teach your child planning skills to complete homework. You can also use activities from our “A Monster Ate my Homework” playbook to teach other skills.

Apps for Homework

A listing of great apps that can improve homework completion. Learn how to help a child use apps such as Notability, myHomework, and iTunes to make homework more fun and efficient.

How digital media appeals to kids with ADHD

Learn about how video games and apps can teach kids with ADHD and the cautions you need to take.

How digital media appeals to kids with ASD

Learn about how video games and apps can teach kids with ASD and the cautions you need to take.

Why Is Minecraft So Appealing to Children With ADHD?

UA series of interviews of kids with ADHD that describe the compelling nature of Minecraft.

Introducing LW4K’s Let’s Play Minecraft Videos

Check out LearningWorks for Kids Minecraft videos that transform Minecraft into an opportunity for learning executive functioning skills. 

How Minecraft Practices Executive Functioning Skills

Learn about how to get your child to learn skills such as planning, organization, and flexibility in their Minecraft play. Specific projects that you can do with your child.

Introducing: LearningWorks Live!

LearningWorks for Kids is proud to announce the launch of LearningWorks Live: an online executive function training program consisting of small-group workshops and game-based training sessions.

Through this program, kids will work in small groups with our expert Gamer Guides and Educational Technology specialists to build and improve executive functions.

Video-Conference and Game-Based Sessions

Our video-conference based sessions focus on brain-training with educational games and apps, and cover a variety of issues, ranging from improving focus and organization skills to learning strategies for coping with ADHD.

In our game-based sessions, kids will meet with our Gamer Guides inside private servers on games like Minecraft, where they will be given fun and challenging activities to build and improve executive functions.

Overcome learning challenges... while having fun!

The Power of Technology

In all of our workshops, kids will learn about the most fun, useful, and educational games and apps. 

Engaging Instructors

Our dedicated, experienced instructors always make sure that every sessions is just as enjoyable as it is educational. 

See the Difference at School

We design each of our Workshops to give your child easy-to-use tools and strategies that they can put to work at school today!


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