Play Diet

What is a Play Diet? While video games and other digital media are essential for the academic and cognitive development of 21st Century children, here at LearningWorks for Kids we believe that such [...]

Prescribe Video Games for Depression and Anxiety

Need to relax? Feeling blue? Play a video game.

No, really. Did you know that playing video games can actually reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression? Some excellent recent […]

Should I Put My Child On a “Play Diet?”

Should I put my child on a play diet? If you are like most parents, one of the issues you face is finding the best balance between digital play and […]

What Is the Impact of Video Games on Autism and Attention?

There have been a few recent studies relating higher use of video games to inattention in children with autism and ADHD. These studies are “correlation” in nature, meaning that […]

Autism and ASD: Finding Balance with Technology

As you may have noticed with your own child, kids who have been diagnosed with Asperger’s, Autism, or Pervasive Developmental Disorder often become overly involved with video games or technology. […]