Play Diet Recommendations: Ages 6-9

Between the ages of 6 and 9, children tend to focus on learning about games with rules, as it coincides with their overall need to learn about the cultural […]

Autism and Video Games

Recent studies indicate that children with Autism Spectrum Disorder may benefit from video games that help children learn to recognize emotions. One study conducted by the University of Alabama at […]

How do Video Games Affect Health and fitness

Do video games make kids fat? Certainly they can if playing video games is all they do. Sitting on a couch or staring at a computer screen for hours requires […]

Using Video Games and Technologies in a Clinical Practice

There is a legitimate reason that many parents of kids with ADHD are concerned with their digital media use. In general, these kids appear to love their digital media time […]

Thinking Skills: Self-Awareness

Overview Classroom Digital Media Alternative Learners Overview This Thinking Skill focuses on a student’s ability to judge her own performance and behavior, and to respond appropriately in different social situations. [...]

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