Homeschooling Kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Parents of kids diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder often report how engaged their children are with almost all technology and screens. Anecdotal reports and recent research describe how kids with […]

Autism and Video Games

Recent studies indicate that children with Autism Spectrum Disorder may benefit from video games that help children learn to recognize emotions. One study conducted by the University of Alabama at […]

Are Children Affected by Autism Obsessed with Video Games?

Parents of children who are diagnosed with autism (ASD) may have observed them becoming obsessed with video games or technology. Children affected by autism can easily get stuck playing a […]

Fortnite, ADHD, and Autism: Do These Kids Have More Risk While Playing Fortnite?

Kids who have been diagnosed with ADHD or Autism Spectrum Disorder are often more prone to repetitive or obsessive behavior. They struggle in making transitions and tend to become more […]

Is Playing Minecraft Good for Kids with Autism?

Is playing Minecraft good for kids with autism? According to Stuart Duncan, founder of Autcraft, Minecraft is one of the best games for kids with autism because of its open-ended, […]

Using Video Games to Teach Kids on the Autism Spectrum

Kids affected by high functioning, or Level 1, autism have some difficulty with “soft skills,” including social skills, communication, and adaptive behaviors. They may also have problems with sustained attention […]

Using Video Games and Technologies in a Clinical Practice: The Power of Technology for Kids with Autism

Parents of kids with ASDs are concerned with their children’s digital media use. In general, kids affected by  Autism Spectrum Disorders are very engaged with technology albeit in a different […]

Autism and Slow Processing Speed

Many kids affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) have slow processing speed and are likely to fall behind their peers at school. They may struggle to keep up with basic […]

Video Games and Apps for ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Anxiety, Depression, and Learning Disabilities

Video games and apps are routinely used as tools to help kids with ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, anxiety, depression, and learning disabilities. Selected technologies can be used by clinicians in […]

Video Games Can Help Children with Autism Function Better

Children affected by autism tend to be very engaged – sometimes too much so – with video games. How can parents leverage the video game engagement of children with Autism […]