AutisMate is an augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) app designed to assist users who have difficulty communicating verbally.

New Documentary “I Want to Say” Explores Technology for Autism

Here at LearningWorks for Kids, we make it our business to break down the walls between kids and learning, covering the latest apps, games and digital technologies we find to hold […]


Top 5 Games This Christmas for Kids with Autism

Finding the right Christmas gifts for children with ASD can be tricky, but gifting your child with a game can be just as helpful as it is fun. ASD kids often […]

Apps and Videos for Understanding Autism

Recently, there has been a lot of attention given to apps and video games that help children with autism to improve communication, socialization, and problem solving skills. Getting lost in […]

Autism and ASD: Finding Balance with Technology

As you may have noticed with your own child, kids who have been diagnosed with Asperger’s, Autism, or Pervasive Developmental Disorder often become overly involved with video games or technology. […]

Apps for Autism and Aspergers

Kids with Autistic Spectrum Disorders often have a difficult time expressing themselves in social situations and during face-to-face interactions. These difficulties can be quite frustrating, and can make it extremely hard for family and friends to feel like they really know what’s going on in an ASD kid’s mind. By using blogging software like WordPress to express themselves online, kids with Autism and Aspergers can connect with the people in their lives in a safe, engaging, and more comfortable environment.

Games for Autism: Draw Something, Portal 2 and New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Welcome to Games for Autism, LWK’s recurring digest featuring the best games for kids dealing with the challenges of autism spectrum disorders.

Here, we highlight recent additions to our games section deemed […]

Teaching Executive Functioning Skills: Four Tips for Parents and Therapists

Teaching children executive function skills can be easy depending on the child with which you are working. Some children are naturals who can regulate their emotions and behaviors, figure out […] Podcast Highlights the Benefits of Gaming for Kids

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