How do you teach a kid who hates to write?

Some kids simply hate to write. They become argumentative with their parents when doing written homework. At school they rush through writing assignments, doing as little as possible. For children […]

Should Kids Play Video Games Every Day? New Oxford Study Says Yes.

An hour a day keeps the doctor away.

A new study featured in the August volume of Pediatrics suggests that playing video games for an hour a day […]

ADDitude Magazine Webinar

Thank you for attending our Webinar with ADDitude Magazine! Below you'll find links to more information on some of the topics we discussed in the webinar. Coming Soon: LearningWorks Live!Small-Group [...]

Strategies to Improve Reading Skills and Executive Functions

Executive functions, the brain-based cognitive skills that are a key to self-management and critical-thinking skills, are also very important for academic achievement. Executive-functioning skills such as visual-spatial working memory are […]

Technology and ADHD: Strategies and Tips for Parents

A recent study by Micah Mazurek and Christopher Engelhardt raises some legitimate concerns about the use of video games amongst children with ADHD. Boys with ADHD demonstrated greater problematic […]

How to Improve Game-Based Learning with Generalization

If you want to improve your aerobic capacity, play full-court basketball instead of softball. If you want to improve your analytical skills learn to play chess or bridge, not Chutes and […]

Learning with Video Games

Can simply playing video games that demand critical thinking help players better apply the use of those skills to real-world scenarios? We’d say no, probably not — at least […]

Video Games and ADHD: A Cause or a Cure?

In a recent post, I discussed some of the reasons why people may believe that playing video games can cause ADHD. Today, however, I’d like to talk about some of […]

Does Video Game Play Make Your Brain Bigger?

There is indisputable evidence that playing video games has an impact on your brain. This fact  is quite logical, in that virtually everything we do, from eating a piece of […]

Seven Benefits of Video Games

Healthy, well-functioning kids do not spend all of their time playing video games, surfing the Internet, or consumed by digital media.