Expert Advice on Setting Screen Time Limits

Sometimes the best advice you get is from an expert whose specialty complements your own. I recently had that opportunity while talking with my friend and technology guru, Eric Therrien. […]

Do I Need To Set Limits On My Child’s Screen Time?

One of the most difficult tasks of 21st-century parenting is setting limits on your child’s screen time. Screens are incredibly immersive, alluring, and potentially addictive. Because screen time is generally […]

Should Children Have Screen Time Limits?

Twenty-first-century parents are extremely concerned about their children’s technology use. There has been a recent spate of news reports about parents who are concerned that their children are addicted to […]

Screen Time Limits: How to Take Control of the Technology in your Home

Does it seem like the only thing your child wants to do is play video games? Do they throw tantrums and become argumentative when it’s time to transition from game […]

How Family Values Matter with Screen Time Limits

“My 7-year-old loves Call of Duty and we play it together.”


“I think video games are rotting kids’ brains, so I don’t let allow any video games in […]

Minecraft – Learning and Limits

Can kids learn from video games? Do kids spend far too much time playing video games? The answer to both of these questions is yes.

Video games have been demonstrated […]

Tools and Apps to Enforce Screen Time Limits

Basic strategies for effective limits on technology. While we still prefer a global strategy such as a healthy “Play Diet”, many kids and families need a more structured approach. Links to many other articles about setting limits on screen time.

Meet Our Teachers!

In this new series, we are introducing our audience to the Learningworks Live team! Each post will introduce you to a new member of our team and provide you with […]

Are Children Affected by Autism Obsessed with Video Games?

Parents of children who are diagnosed with autism (ASD) may have observed them becoming obsessed with video games or technology. Children affected by autism can easily get stuck playing a […]

Is Your Child Playing Too Much Fortnite?

The most frequent concern voiced by parents in my clinical practice is that their kids spend too much time on their screens. This worry is particularly noticeable amongst the parents […]